Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

“These people are down to earth who help you to the max. I am pleased that this was the best and easiest way to let a car go. I was beyond satisfied. Thank you Jason for your humor on Mondays, I’m 100% sure I’ll be back here once again. Thanks again.”

Arthur T.

“Today was a beautiful day, and I’m not referencing the weather. I’m talking about the ease and comfort I had in dealing with

“This morning I decided it was time to sell my ’99 Honda CRV but wasn’t real sure where to start. It had been on the market and had offers from private parties, but none of them seemed too serious in an actual purchase, so I wanted to search my other options. I started by looking online. That’s where the first bit of ease comes in. I put in a Google search query for “who will buy your used car?” and the first link (and only one I needed) was

“I followed the link and before I could even start perusing the site I was asked if I wanted to live chat with someone. I did, and within a few minutes the buyer had answered all my questions about the process. He then reassured any concerns I had (sounding too good to be true) by forwarding me to their reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, and then set up a time later that same day for someone to come out take a look at the car and make me an offer. Easy Schmeezy and comfortable so far considering I haven’t even left my house yet, but it gets even better.

“The buyer had told me during our chat, that without even seeing the car they could possibly offer me as low $700 up to $1200 cash today for the vehicle and they would come and take it away. To me that was worth someone coming out to take a look, and I’m glad I did.

“Later that afternoon I was contacted by an amiable and punctual ‘buyer’. A good businessman understands the importance of time, and in my book none is more important than your own. That’s another bit of comfort provided. From the first phone conversation to our eventual meeting the buyer was incredibly accommodating. He made the face to face portion of this transaction go smoothly and never tried to make me feel pressured to sell my car nor unsafe.